Whoops: Cleveland Indians fan gets '2016 Champs' tattoo before Game 7

That'll leave a mark.

A diehard Cleveland Indians fan had so much faith in the Tribe that he got a tattoo celebrating their World Series win -- before Game 7.

Of course, the Indians lost at home Wednesday night to the Chicago Cubs in a 10-inning thriller.

Mike Neero tweeted out a photo of his tattoo less than an hour before the Indians' Corey Kluber took the mound in the final game.

"Some call it bold, but I call it faith in Kluber," his caption read. The tattoo also showed the logo of the reigning NBA champions, the Cleveland Cavaliers.

After the Cubbies roared to a 5-1 lead, the Indians fought back, tying the score at 6 and sending the game into extra innings. After a rain delay, the Cubs tacked on two runs in the 10th, but the Indians could muster only one in response.

Cleveland had returned home for Game 6 needing only one more win for the championship, which may have given Neero the extra confidence to go ahead with the tattoo.

He didn't seem to regret it after the game. But he told the Indians and Kluber, "You guys owe me. Big time."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.