U.S. fans to outnumber England support in big match

By Simon Evans

RUSTENBURG (Reuters) - England fans will be outnumbered by U.S. supporters at their World Cup Group C opener on Saturday, according to officials.

U.S. national team press spokesman Michael Kammarman told reporters on Friday that tournament organizers had told the federation that 8,000 fans from the U.S. were expected at the Royal Bafokeng stadium while just 6,000 tickets had been sold to fans from England.

"According to organizers there will be more U.S. fans at the game than English fans," said Kammarman.

A FIFA venue spokeswoman in Rustenburg confirmed the figures were roughly accurate and said the fans would be segregated at the venue.

"There will be around 2000 more U.S. fans than England fans," said the spokeswoman.

England fans pride themselves on traveling in large numbers to support their team while the U.S. has a burgeoning 'Sam's Army' supporter's club.

(Writing by Simon Evans; Editing by Jon Bramley)