Toney Douglas excited to reunite with Donnie Walsh

New Indiana Pacers guard Toney Douglas is a long-shot to make the regular season roster, but he has at least one important member of the Pacers' front office in his corner.

Donnie Walsh, a consultant for the Pacers, gave up a second-round pick and $3 million to acquire Douglas on draft night in 2009 as the then-New York Knicks general manager.

Walsh believes in Douglas' ability as an unconventional point guard and lockdown defender, and claims Douglas wasn't able to fully showcase his skill-set in New York because of then-head coach Mike D'Antoni's offensive inclinations.

"Toney's good enough to be on a team and it could work out that he fits here," Walsh told "He's a good guy; really good guy."

"I love Donnie," Douglas said. "He's always been a great guy. I loved him when I was in New York. Him being here is a great situation. I trust him. He's not going to lie to you. He's going to keep it real and tell you what you need to do."

Douglas will have a difficult time cracking the Pacers' roster. The team already has 15 players under contract, including four -- George Hill, Monta Ellis, Rodney Stuckey and Joseph Young -- with the ability to play point guard. Unless the Pacers make a trade, Douglas will probably be cut in training camp in October.

(H/t Indiana Pacers.)