Minnesota wide receiver and kickoff returner Troy Stoudermire has been reinstated after a one-game suspension.

Coach Tim Brewster made the announcement Tuesday following the junior's absence from last week's loss to Northern Illinois. After he was suspended, Stoudermire posted on his Facebook page that he was leaving the program for a top school where he "will be appreciated and respected as a player."

But that never happened.

"He understands his situation last week was self-inflicted," Brewster said. "He's been very remorseful about the situation and how he handled it, and he's expressed it properly to me and to our football team."

Brewster said Stoudermire will play Saturday against Northwestern, but whether he returns in the same role right away "remains to be seen."

Stoudermire has six catches for 114 yards and one touchdown, plus a 23.3-yard average on 11 kickoff returns. Quarterback Adam Weber, one of the team captains, said he believed Stoudermire was serious about skipping out.

"But then again, there's a lot of things involved with transferring and things of that nature, especially being as far along as he is in his career," Weber said. "You wish the best for somebody, but I think upon reflection he realizes his best opportunity is to continue playing here."

Weber said he's eager to see Stoudermire re-establish his commitment to the team and take advantage of a second chance.

"I have firm belief that he'll show that he's ready to practice and do it 100 percent," Weber said.

Stoudermire updated his status Tuesday to apologize to his teammates, fans and coaches.

"I deeply regret letting my emotions get the best of me. I handled this situation incorrectly and realize the consequences of my actions," he said. "We are all here for one overall goal and that is to win championships. I hope we can move on from this and I will do anything to help my team win."