Stephen Colbert torches Stephen Curry's new shoes

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Let's be clear: the Curry 2s are not bad shoes. They just aren't good or cool shoes, or shoes for people who aren't healthcare professionals working long hours on their feet.

They're a perfectly fine kick for the hard-working stepfather who just wants to swing by Lowe's real quick for a price comparison. And that is, sadly, their downfall.

The internet has been having its fun at Curry's expense since his Curry 2 "Chef" Lows dropped last week. The jokes have been sharp, unnecessary and exceedingly good, and now Stephen Colbert has joined in.

The Late Show host took the ergonomically-designed-for-carpooling kicks to their finally resting place on Monday night. Some excerpts from the carnage:

"These shoes look like they're putting themselves through nursing school."

"How much do I have to donate to NPR's pledge drive to get them as a gift?"

R.I.P., Stepdad 12s. You were too comfortable for this world.

Dan is on Twitter. The world needs yard shoes.