Miking up curlers during games in the Winter Olympics can serve as a very useful tool, educating spectators and TV viewers about shot selection and strategy.

It also has its drawbacks.

Britain's women's team had to make an apology on Twitter on Thursday after one of its players, Vicki Adams, said a curse word during its televised game against China.

"Thanks for the support as always guys and sorry for Vicki's 'wee sweary word' that went out on the BBC!!" the tweet from the team's account read. "Can get pretty tense out there :-)"

The game went down to the final stone, from which British skip Eve Muirhead scored a point for an 8-7 win.

With Team Muirhead choosing not to use social media during the Sochi Games, the apology almost certainly came from the team's representatives, Red Sky Management.

— By Steve Douglas — Twitter http://twitter.com/sdouglas80


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