SOCHI SCENE: Rolling on

Caroline Ouellette is gliding through the Olympics, even when she's off the ice.

The Canadian women's hockey captain was sporting a pair of RollerGards after practice on Sunday (see her wearing them here: ). The combination roller blade and skate guard was a gift from goalie Geneviève Lacasse, who noticed that Ouellette always used her skate guards, even for the short walk to the changing room.

Skate guards keep the blades from getting dull, but they're a little clunky to walk on. With the RollerGards, Ouellette was able to slide around the mix zone next to the practice rink between the Shayba Arena and the Bolshoy Ice Dome.

"I haven't fallen so far," Ouellette said. "I'm trying to be careful."

— By Jimmy Golen — Twitter


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