Roger Clemens to be arraigned Monday

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Former baseball pitching star Roger Clemens will be arraigned on Monday on charges he lied to the Congress about his use of drugs to boost his performance, according to a schedule issued on Thursday.

Clemens, who has denied using any performance enhancing drugs like human growth hormones or steroids, was indicted last week on six counts of making false statements, perjury and obstruction of Congress.

Judge Reggie Walton set the arraignment for Monday at 2 p.m. (1800 GMT) in the District Court for the District of Columbia. Typically during an arraignment defendants enter a plea and the judge sets a schedule for the case.

The charges were the result of a two-year investigation into testimony Clemens gave to a U.S. congressional committee that was probing whether sports players had used drugs to boost their performance in the games.

Clemens, 48 and now living in Houston, denied lying to Congress, and his lawyer Rusty Hardin said they rejected a plea agreement prosecutors offered. Under such deals, defendants typically plead guilty to a lesser charge in return for a lighter sentence.

Playing for four Major League Baseball teams during a 24-year career, Clemens was nicknamed "The Rocket" and won the game's best pitching award, the Cy Young award, a record seven times.

(Reporting by Jeremy Pelofsky; Editing by Jerry Norton)