Reaction to Rory McIlroy's record-breaking U.S. Open victory Sunday:

"I couldn't ask for much more, and I'm just so happy to be holding this trophy. I know how good Tiger (Woods) was in 2000 to win by 15 in Pebble. I was trying to go out there and emulate him in some way. I played great for four days, and I couldn't be happier.

"Going back to Augusta this year, I felt like that was a great opportunity to get my first major. It didn't quite work out. But to come back straightaway at the U.S. Open and win that is nice. You can always call yourself a major champion, and hopefully after this, I can call myself a multiple major champion." — McIlroy.

"Unbelievable. With what's happened over the last couple of months, and to come back and do this, it's fantastic. After the Masters, he worked so hard. I really can't put it into words. And on Father's Day, it's fantastic. You couldn't beat it." — father Gerry McIlroy.

"His rhythm is so beautiful, his tempo, it just stays the same all the time. He doesn't try to kill it, doesn't try to do anything unusual with the golf ball. He hits it a little harder at times when he wants to put a little power in it and I think that's fine." — Jack Nicklaus in interview on NBC.

Recalling a conversation after McIlroy blew Masters lead with final-round 80, Nicklaus said he didn't really give McIlroy advice, but instead asked if he'd learned anything from his mistakes.

"He said, 'Yeah, I think I did,'" Nicklaus said. "I said, 'Well, make sure you did, because the next time you get yourself in that position, you've got to remember what you did and what you didn't do and remember what you want to do and go do it.'"

"What a performance from start to finish. Enjoy the win. Well done." — Tiger Woods.

"You could tell that Rory's had this type of talent in him for some time now and to see him putting it together is pretty neat to see." — Phil Mickelson.

"This is huge. Rory is the hero. ... It's a uniting force. He crosses all boundaries. ... Everyone in the country is completely behind him." — John Stevenson, the recently retired principal of Sullivan Upper School in McIlroy's hometown of Holywood, Northern Ireland.

"One word - wow The golf this guy is playing right now is incredible." — Graeme McDowell, the fellow Northern Irishman who won the Open last year at Pebble Beach, on Twitter.

"Get into perspective Rory is 22 I was selling mars bars then. He is already a major winner & will win lots more. ... (at)McIlroyRory went to Haiti last week to see & help the kids, awesome stuff give & it will give you back tenfold. respect ... I'm glad (at)McIlroyRory is not playing next week it might give some of us a chance. Thank god." — player Ian Poulter on Twitter.

"For sure, what he's doing is really something unbelievable. Seriously, I love watching Rory. ... I admire him a lot. ... He had a very tough fourth round (at) Augusta this year, and he deserves to win a major because, in my opinion, right now he's playing at a different level than the rest." — tennis star Rafael Nadal.

"Rory is a fantastic fellow, so down to earth yet such a professional. He mixes with the young lads and would always say 'hello' and always has time for you." — friend Owen Gunning in Holywood, Northern Ireland.

"I think there is a new sheriff in town!! Pretty impressive stuff!!" — player Paul Goydos on Twitter.

"Thinking about moving to Northern Ireland!!" — top-ranked Luke Donald on Twitter.