Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nate Sudfeld, subbing in for Nick Foles in the fourth quarter of Sunday's win, watched Nelson Agolor catch the first touchdown pass of Sudfeld's career.

Then, Sudfeld watch Agolor give the football away.

Before Sudfeld could rush over to tell Agholor to keep the ball, the wide receiver had already given the ball to a young Eagles fan in the crowd at FedEx Field in Landover, Md. Sudfeld asked the boy in the moment if he could keep the ball, and the boy agreed. Agholor called out for another ball and gave that to the kid instead.

“Yeah, I felt pretty bad, but I went up to the kid and his dad and I was like, ‘Hey it’s my first touchdown, is there any way we can switch you out?’ So we ended up getting him another ball. They were really nice about it,” Sudfeld said after the game, according to Omnisport. “But I really wanted to keep the first touchdown pass.”


The boy, later identified as 10-year-old Cohen Zechman, harbored no ill will toward the second-year quarterback. He got plenty in return, according to NBC Philadelphia.

“It’s still sinking in that I got an NFL football, and I got to meet players,” Cohen told the station.

Cohen, a Pennsylvania native, received another signed ball and gloves from Agholor and tight end Zach Ertz.

“It worked out nice because I got a ball, and he got his first career touchdown. And he deserves it more,” he said.