New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady said Monday he was "scared out of my mind" after being involved in a two-vehicle crash last week.

He said during his weekly appearance on WEEI radio he was shocked after a minivan and the car he was driving collided at an intersection in Boston's Back Bay area.

Brady was unhurt in Thursday's accident and practiced with his teammates later that day. But a passenger in the minivan had to undergo emergency surgery and was hospitalized in serious condition.

A lawyer for the injured man's family said his condition has worsened. Attorney Samuel Reef told The Boston Globe newspaper the family of 49-year-old Fall River resident Rogerio Rodrigues was concerned for his well-being as it awaited more medical tests.

Police said Rodrigues' adult son ran a red light, but the son has maintained he had the green light.

Brady said after the accident he left his car and saw a woman. He said they asked each other how they were doing and were OK.

"And I was just kind of looking around," Brady said. "I was looking in the other car to make sure they were OK."

Emergency personnel pried open the minivan and removed one occupant.

Brady said he didn't know what to do because he was "just in shock."

"I was kind of sitting there in the car, looking around, trying to get my bearings," he said.

He didn't think about calling 911, he said, until a man suggested it.

"I was just thinking, 'How am I going to — I've got to call (coach Bill) Belichick. I'm going to be late (for practice),'" he said. "And then once I got home, then it really hits you."

The car accident came just days before Sunday's season opener for the Patriots at home against the Cincinnati Bengals, which the Patriots won, 38-24. Brady, who on the day of the accident agreed to a contract making him the NFL's highest-paid player, threw three touchdown passes.