NFL settles on publicity lawsuit

The National Football League reached an agreement on Monday to settle a class action suit by former players in a publicity rights case.

The league agreed to pay $42 million to a fund that will be used by retired players to settle a suit resulting from the league using the names and images of former players without their consent.

"Today's settlement between the NFL and its retired player community is the beginning of a productive new relationship between the league and the people who made the game of football what it is today," said Michael D. Hausfeld, attorney for the players group. "For the first time, retired NFL players will be able to speak with one voice to advocate for the health and welfare of themselves and their teammates."

Also, a licensing agency will be created that will ensure that former players receive compensation should their names and images be used in any future promotional materials.

Hall of Famer Elvin Bethea and several other retired players filed the lawsuit in Minneapolis in 2009.