NCAA expands replay use in college basketball

The NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel voted on Monday to expand the use of basketball replay, and women will now have to get the ball over the midcourt line in 10 seconds.

Ever since the first women's championship games in 1981-82, women were allowed to take as much time as necessary off the 30-second shot clock before crossing the midcourt line.

The panel approved replay to determine which team would gain possession on a ball that was deflected out of bounds when it involves at least two players.

Officials will also have the ability to use replay to determine if a shot was a 2 or 3-pointer, which would be reviewed at the next media timeout. In the last four minutes of regulation and the entire overtime, officials also can now go to a monitor to look for indisputable evidence to determine how many points should be awarded for a field goal.

The monitor will also be used to determine which player would be called for a foul when there is uncertainty after a call has been made.

Additionally, the panel approved to use the monitor to see if a flagrant foul has been committed when a player makes contact with the elbow above the shoulders.

The committee noted that personal fouls should be called consistently on defensive players who keep a hand or forearm on an opponent, or when a defensive player puts two hands on an opponent or uses an arm bar to impede the progress of an offensive player.