LeSean 'Shady' McCoy called police after incident with ex-girlfriend weeks before home invasion, report says

Buffalo Bills star LeSean "Shady" McCoy sounded calm as he told a 911 dispatcher "I don't want no drama" during a 2017 call regarding a dispute he was having with his ex-girlfriend -- who has since accused him of numerous crimes.

McCoy told Milton police his ex-girlfriend wouldn’t leave his house and was trying to steal items, according to a recording of the 911 audio obtained by The Blast and released Tuesday.

He told dispatchers that the woman, identified as Delicia Cordon, was trying to start a fight with him. But McCoy said he wasn’t looking to get into a confrontation with her.

“I’m an NFL player, I play for the Buffalo Bills…I don’t want no drama,” he told dispatchers.

McCoy has been relatively quiet since an Instagram post surfaced last week accusing the running back of beating his girlfriend, child and dog and using illegal drugs. The picture used with the post showed the bruised and battered face of Cordon.

Inside the McCoy saga

It later emerged the assault was the result of a home invasion last week in which burglars allegedly beat Cordon and stole items that belonged to McCoy.

Cordon, however, is no longer certain McCoy was involved in the attack, as she had initially claimed, and the jewelry and items which were taken from the home also included a birthday present from the athlete, attorney Tanya Mitchell Graham told CBS News.

Cordon was also seen moving out of the house where the robbery occurred, according to TMZ. She reportedly moved to a place she considers “safe.”