Fresh off NCAA tourney success, Enfield takes over as USC basketball coach

Andy Enfield used to drive by the Southern California campus while visiting his brother who lives in the area.

Now he's running the Trojans' basketball program, a job that athletic director Pat Haden describes as a "turnaround situation."

Enfield calls it "an unbelievable dream, something that I've been working towards for many, many years."

The 43-year-old coach was introduced Wednesday at Galen Center, where he'll be tasked with making men's basketball relevant at a school dominated by its nationally renowned football program.

Enfield comes from Florida Gulf Coast, which caused a stir by reaching the round of 16 in the NCAA tournament as a No. 15 seed.

He says that to get a job like the one at USC, a coach has to prove he's a winner and he thinks he's done that.