Films celebrate Valvano's memorable 1983 season and Danny Manning's miracle run 25 years ago

With the 2013 NCAA tournament starting in less than two weeks there is time to step back and look at two incredible seasons.

ESPN Films' latest installment in its 30 for 30 series is "Survive and Advance," a look at Jim Valvano and North Carolina State's incredible 1982-83 season that culminated with the most shocking NCAA championship ever. The film debuted Sunday night and it conveys the sense of the team's motto — "Survive and Advance" — through the ACC tournament which the Wolfpack needed to win just to get into the NCAA tournament.

On Monday night, CBS Sports Network debuts ""The Miracles: The 1988 Kansas Jayhawks," a film of the 1987-88 season when there was very little talk of a national championship under coach Larry Brown. The run to the title — and a third win over Oklahoma — is filled with details of not just "Danny," All-America Danny Manning, but also "The Miracles," his teammates on that run.