Dwyane Wade hopes 'Melo trade talks resolved soon

Dwyane Wade can relate to Carmelo Anthony's melo-drama.

Wade said Tuesday that he hopes Anthony — his good friend — has his future with the Denver Nuggets resolved soon. Wade spent most of last season dogged by constant where-are-you-going talk regarding his then-looming free agency, and completely understands what sort of toll that can take on someone.

Anthony has been the subject of trade rumors for months, especially in recent weeks as deals reportedly involving the New Jersey Nets and New York Knicks have been discussed.

"He seems like now he's getting to the point where he's fed up with it, he's tired of hearing about it, he just wants to focus on basketball," Wade said. "It's not really bothering him as much as it was at certain points although no matter what kind of game he has, people are going to say something if he doesn't score 30."

Wade says he talked with Anthony when the Miami Heat visited the Nuggets last week, though noted the conversation mostly revolved around personal matters. Anthony recently missed some time with the Nuggets while mourning the death of his sister.

"The biggest thing you can tell a guy like that is ask him to make sure he's doing fine mentally," Wade said.

Anthony was part of the 2003 draft class that saw LeBron James go No. 1, Chris Bosh No. 4 and Wade at No. 5. Anthony was the third pick that year, one slot behind Darko Milicic.

James, Bosh and Wade were all free agents this past summer. Anthony's contract was structured differently, so he wasn't part of the July roster-changing free-for-fall that saw James, Bosh and Wade all team up in Miami.

With as many as 15 players possibly involved in any looming deal, the Anthony trade was the talk of the league for weeks. Not anymore, at least in Wade's eyes.

"I stopped following it," Wade said. "It's getting to the point where you're just like, move on already or don't. I'm sure 'Melo is more tired of it than anybody. But it's just to the point, as a sports fan, you're just, 'All right, it's just enough.'"