Dominican Republic court order Oakland's Cespedes to pay former agent 22 percent of contract

An arbitration court in the Dominican Republic has ordered Oakland outfielder Yoenis Cespedes to pay 22 percent of the value of his contract with the Athletics to the former agent who helped secure the deal.

The lawyer for former agent Edgar Mercedes says that amounts to $7.9 million owed to his client. Lawyer Guillermo Estrello says the order is immediately enforceable and he will be notifying the Athletics to start docking it from the slugger's salary.

A lawyer for Cespedes says the amount owed is closer to $2 million. But Cristian Martinez tells The Associated Press his side is still studying the court order and deciding whether it can appeal.

Mercedes filed suit in 2012, alleging that Cespedes reneged on their contract. The decision was announced Wednesday.