Veteran Formula One driver Rubens Barrichello said his move to the IndyCar Series depends on finding new sponsors and he may only compete on road and street circuits.

Barrichello said Thursday that "everybody is in a hurry to try to find the money" to allow him to drive this season. There are only "minor details" to be discussed but the move still remains up in the air, he said.

The 39-year-old Brazilian said it would be a great challenge to drive on an oval circuit but safety remains a concern, especially to his family.

Despite his mooted IndyCar move, Barrichello said in an interview with SporTV that he hasn't completely closed the door on F1 and still hopes "the phone will ring" with an invitation to drive for a record 20th season.

Barrichello lost his spot with Williams following the 2011 season and began considering a move to IndyCar after friend Tony Kanaan invited him to a three-day test session with KV Racing Technology about a week ago.

He said he enjoyed the experience and his performance prompted an invite from the team. But to make the deal work, both parts need to find sponsors to put another car on the track in 2012.

"The car was available for someone who arrived with the cash to race," Barrichello said. "Fortunately, the situation is different with me, everybody is in a hurry to try to find the money.

"It's still unknown if it's going to happen. You have to remember that it all happened in the last minute. There are still minor details that need to be resolved."

On Twitter, Barrichello said: "No decisions just yet ... Small (dilemma) at home plus trying to find sponsors to have a complete budget. Hoping for something good."

The dilemma at home has to do with the oval tracks.

"Yeah, the (fear) exists," he said. "I've been talking a lot with my wife. The decision has to be made now."

But Barrichello said his wife, Silvana, knows how passionate he is about racing and feels her concerns will not end up keeping him from racing. He said she noticed how upbeat and happy he was during the tests with KV Racing.

"I saw the look in her eyes and I could hear her saying something along the lines: 'Oh no, it's going to start all over again,'" he said.

He said he already has the support from his two young sons.

"One of them already wants to know which number I'll be using and the other wants to know the color of the car," Barrichello said.

The Brazilian, who will turn 40 in May, said it's still an option to participate only on the road and street circuits.

"The possibility still exists," he said. "But I don't think I would feel good to be back in Brazil watching these races from TV. I would feel better being there, taking the risk and having fun."

Plus, he said he would enjoy having to learn all the tricks needed to do well on ovals.

"It would be a great challenge," Barrichello said. "I've been racing 19 years in F1, but this would be something I would have to do without any experience. It would be fascinating."


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