AP Interview: Brazil Sports Minister complained to FIFA about high World Cup ticket prices

Brazil's Minister of Sport has complained to FIFA about high prices contemplated for next year's World Cup, says soccer's governing body will give 50,000 free tickets to poor communities and make half-price seats available to the elderly and students.

FIFA said last week it will announce prices on July 1 for the 2014 tournament and ticket sales will start Aug. 20. For the 2010 World Cup, prices were announced in November 2007 and sales started in February 2009.

Non-premium prices for the 2010 tournament in South Africa ranged from $70-$450 for the opener and $20-$160 for other first-round matches, and escalated to $150-$900 for the final.

During an interview Thursday at The Associated Press, Aldo Rebelo says prices for the tournament in Brazil, to be played from June 12-July 14, became an issue.