A day after LeBron says he needs help in Cleveland, Dwyane Wade questions the Bulls

Just one day after LeBron James took his Cavaliers team to task for being "[expletive] top-heavy" and said they needed help, his former Heat teammate Dwyane Wade questioned his own team, the Chicago Bulls.

With the team hovering at .500, Wade talked to reporters in Orlando about concerns he had with the team, wondering if it would be a team that got better as the season went along or if the Bulls had simply reached their ceiling as a group.

"I'm 35. I do get concerned. Of course," Wade said on Tuesday, via ESPN.

He went on:

"I don't know if (evaluating a team's potential is) that simple, if it's that black and white. I think you see certain teams throughout a year can get better and you see certain teams -- you will see it. You can tell that it's just who they are. I've been on both. I've been on teams that it's just who you are and you deal with it for the whole year. And some teams you get better as the years go on.

"Right now we are who we are."

It's somewhat cryptic, but that final line gives me pause. After Wade says "you can tell that it's just who they are" for not very good basketball teams, and then saying "right now we are who we are." It's a little muddy, but the point might be there -- this Bulls team is what it is, and they aren't getting much better.

The timing of all this is interesting because it comes just a day after James made it quite clear the Cavaliers needed help, even going as far to say the Cavaliers "need an [expletive] playmaker." Now Wade, his former teammate and good friend and noted NBA playmaker, is talking about his own team reaching its ceiling.

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I'd get the trade rumor frenzy going here, but it just doesn't make sense. Wade makes too much money, and if the Cavaliers really wanted to make this happen, they'd decimate the very depth James seems to think they need. Would the Cavaliers really be better if they packaged Tristan Thompson, Iman Shumpert, J.R. Smith, whoever ... to make a trade like that work? I'm not sure.

But for now, LeBron wants a playmaker and Wade is questioning his future with the Bulls. You can't rule anything out.