'Shrek the Musical' Star, '24' Latest Names in Entertainment to Go Green

Everywhere you look these days, it seems big stars are doing there part to go "green."

Playing everyone's favorite ogre in Shrek the Musical, actor Brian D'Arcy James showed that being green is more than just a costume to entertain children, as the rising star has a totally eco-friendly dressing room.

Designed by wife Jennifer Prescott, James' room features ecological decor that not only reduces his carbon footprint, but is also cost prohibitive. Indeed, all of the items came from affordable American stores Home Depot, Crate & Barrel and West Elm.

Some of the features include an all wool area rug, non-treated carpet, an eco-friendly sofa, no VOC's paint and organic cotton bath mats, towels and shower curtains.

And it’s not just the Shrek star who has shown that it can be easy to be green.

Recently, FOX's hit show 24 became the first-ever carbon neutral television production. The show -- which stars Keifer Sutherland and just celebrated its 150th episode -- aired a series of public service announcements in an effort to bring greater public awareness to the climate change issue.

In the first of these announcements, which aired March 2, Sutherland encouraged viewers to become personally engaged in the fight against global warming.

"We know we can't solve this problem in 24 hours. But, by making energy-conscious decisions on our set, we are contributing to a solution," Sutherland said.

The show has already reduced its carbon footprint for the season by 43 percent.