Yogis in Texas want the government to keep its hands off their yoga mats.

The Texas Workforce Commission managed to make rattle the yogis from their poses when it sent out letters to studios asking them to be certified to operate as a career school or college.

Certification costs money, to the tune of $1,000 to $3,000.

So the Texas Yoga Association mobilized. It got 1,500 Texans to sign a petition to pass a bill in the House that would keep government from regulating yoga, according to MyFoxAustin.com.

The group’s theory is that yoga regulation “offends the tradition of passing yoga down from teacher to student."

"Regulation," says Jennifer Buergermeister, the Texas Yoga Association president, "is not appropriate for yoga studios and does not benefit yoga students.”

Yogis worry that the costs associated with the licensure could mean inflated costs of classes and discontinuance of programs, according to the report.

Yogis were to hold a peaceful demonstration Wednesday at the Texas State Capitol.

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