With Crocodile Insurance in Tow, Obama to Visit Australia's Northern Territory

CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA --President Obama will visit the Northern Territory of Darwin, Australia Thursday to address Australian troops.

He'll first visit a war memorial for the USS Peary, a naval ship hit by the Japanese in World War II that killed 80 soldiers and wounded 13. After that the president will also be addressing Australian troops, a day after he announced an increased military alliance with the nation, and beefing up the U.S.' presence in the region.

Som U.S. troops will be stationed in Darwin as part of the new agreement and rotation of deployments.

Obama will be the first U.S. president to visit Darwin and since he's in the real outback, he's been given insurance coverage against a crocodile attack. Locals tell Fox News that you can see "Croc Crossing" signs, and the territory is a steamy swampland, akin to Louisiana in the summer.

The Chief Minister Paul Henderson is expected to present the president with the insurance policy, valued at $51,000, when Obama arrives in the Northern Territory capitol.

The Australians and Americans have a 60-year history of a shared military alliance that the president has been marking during his visit. Obama along with Prime Minister Gillard will talk to Australian troops at a military base where aides say they'll discuss security cooperation and commitment to the region. The president has emphasized the Asia-Pacific region all week, saying it has enormous potential for economic growth, and is a key locale for security and anti-terrorism initiatives.

The Associated Press contributed to this report