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Cuba lets citizens turn cars into taxis; Australia's greatest job in the world

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  1. Around the World: 1/26

    Desperate search at sea in Taiwan; Australia celebrates National Day

  2. 'Fox & Friends' Celebrates Australia Day

    Animal expert Dan Stockdale brings special friend on set

  3. Devastating Floods in Australia

    Deadly snakes floating into towns

  4. 'Dinosaur' Terrifies Australian School Children

    Life-size T-Rex promotes animatronics show

  5. World Welcomes 2011

    Global party underway with fireworks, light shows

  6. Around the World: Storms Trigger Floods in Australia

    8 inches of rain in 6 hours cause flooding

  7. Around the World: Shark Attack in Australia

    Great white shark nearly capsizes fishing boat

  8. Around the World: Massive Flooding in Australia

    Thousands affected by Queensland floods

  9. Around the World

    Bodies of Israeli soldiers return home; pope celebrates mass in Sydney

  10. The Right to Bare Arms

    Aussie men seem to find arms the sexiest part of woman

  11. Around the World

    Whale and calf appear on beach in Sydney ; Franklin Graham arrives in No. Korea

  12. Climate-Gate Casualty?

    Will global warming controversy KO cap-and-trade?

  1. Around the World: Powerful Storms Hit Australia

    Massive storm dumps rain, hail on Sydney

  2. Baby Hippo Makes Public Debut in Australian Zoo

    Kambiri, Australia's youngest pygmy hippo, makes first appearance at Sydney zoo

  3. Deadly Australian Floods Spread South

    Torrential rains have caused region's worst flooding in a century

  4. Aussie Keeps Crocodiles as Pets

    Woman cares for three crocs in her home

  5. Shark Whisperer

    Aussie gets up close with predators

  6. Kim Clijsters Quells Pregnancy Rumors

    Shoots down text message

  7. Olympic Gold Medalist Doing Good

    Evan Lysacek dishes on his ice skating career and his recent charitable work

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