Now that the Lone Star State's legislature has wrapped up its work, all eyes are on Texas, or rather, its Governor, Rick Perry.

In the past, Perry's political consultant Dave Carney has said the Governor would only take up consideration of a GOP presidential run in earnest after the legislature was out. It's out. But so is Governor Perry, at least for a couple of days, after undergoing minor back surgery.

While he's laid up, he'll have plenty to ponder.

Governor Perry's trip to California just prior to his surgery generated a lot of interest. California State Assemblyman Dan Louge, already spearheading a campaign to draft Perry into a presidential run, has since convinced several of his colleagues to join him in urging Perry to run.

That's also how California political consultant Bob Schuman got interested in Rick Perry-- and Schuman's actions look suspiciously like the beginnings of part of a campaign.

Schuman is in Iowa now, talking with GOP movers and shakers, and trying to figure out how Perry could have a presence at the Iowa straw poll in August, even though space at the event has already all been auctioned off.

Schuman's also started a 527 organization to raise money and says, without mentioning numbers, so far, fundraising, both in California and beyond, has gone well.

Schuman's had no contact with Perry's spokesman or political consultant.

What may be an even more interesting indicator of whether Governor Perry will run or not is his opposition. The Texas Democratic Party is raising money to fund a website to introduce the "Real Rick Perry" to America. Spokeswoman Kirsten Gray says their campaign for funds has also been going well.

All this could come to a head in the next month or so. Political observers say Perry has to get in soon or his would-be campaign won't be able to get off the ground.

A prayer rally Perry previously scheduled August 6th at Reliant Center in Houston might be an ideal spot to make an announcement. The Iowa Straw Poll would take place just a week later.