After last week's second GOP debate, many declared Carly Fiorina to be the winner, giving her points for her strong stances on Planned Parenthood and the Iran deal, as well as applauding her rebuke to Donald Trump's comment about her face.

The only criticism of her performance was that some analysts said she should have smiled more, arguing she came across as "harsh."

Last night on "The Tonight Show," Fiorina showed a bit of her lighter side, breaking into a song about her dogs that cracked up Jimmy Fallon.

Check out her ode to "Snickers," one of her two Yorkshire terriers, in the clip below.

On a more serious note, Fiorina reacted to Ben Carson's comments that a Muslim should not become President of the United States.

Fiorina disagreed, saying the Constitution clearly states there will be no "religion test" to become president.

She said she believes that people of faith - whether it be Christians, Jews or Muslims - make better leaders.

"My faith has sustained me through some very bad times - I have battled cancer, I've lost a child, I've been tested. I think faith gives us humility and empathy and optimism and I think those are important things," she said.

Watch that part of the interview below.