Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker said President Barack Obama should abandon Iran talks, demanding he “bone up on the principle of strong American leadership.”

Negotiations were doomed by the administration’s habit of conceding to Iranian demands, according to the Republican presidential candidate in a National Review editorial. Instead of preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, the U.S. is giving its stamp of approval to Iran’s program, Walker argues.

“President Obama’s pattern of retreat has sent such a resounding message of weakness that the Iranians, even if they do sign an agreement, will inevitably test American resolve again and again,” Walker writes.

An estimated $150 billion of Iran’s assets abroad could be unfrozen if an agreement is reached and economic sanctions are lifted, often referred to as a “signing bonus.” Walker says Iran will use these funds to expand its military presence across the Middle East, destabilizing countries such as Iraq, Syria and Yemen. (RELATED: Hezbollah Stands To Benefit From Lifting Of Economic Sanctions Against Iran)

The threat of Iran’s ballistic missile arsenal isn’t addressed by current negotiations, even though it poses an obvious risk to the U.S., according to Walker.

In sum, Obama must abandon the current framework for negotiations and enforce American demands. “Iran’s rulers should fear American economic sanctions and military power,” Walker writes.

After passing the deadline for a deal on June 3o, talks were extended until June 7. (RELATED: With Less Than A Week Left On Nuke Deal, US And Iran Still Disagree On Basics)

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