Trump reportedly looking for way to pull US out of climate agreement

President-elect Donald Trump is reportedly looking at ways for the U.S. to back out of a landmark climate pact, which would defy an agreement to cut carbon emissions across the globe.

A source on Trump’s transition team told Reuters that the team was looking for ways to bypass the procedure to leave the Paris accord, which was agreed upon last December. Trump has previously stated his disbelief in global warming. Other global governments, including China, have expressed their reaffirming support for the deal.

"It was reckless for the Paris agreement to enter into force before the election,” the source told Reuters on Tuesday.

One of the alternatives he said was to withdraw from the 1992 Convention that was a parent to the 2015 Paris accord. It would void U.S. participation in the deal in a year’s time. Trump could also “delete” the U.S. signature from the deal.

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Other nations still hope Trump comes around on the climate deal. However, one Moroccan official said that even if the U.S. does pull out it won’t hurt the deal.

"If one party decides to withdraw that it doesn't call the agreement into question," Foreign Minister Salaheddine Mezouar said.

U.N. climate chief Patricia Espinosa was still hoping to build a solid relationship with Trump.

"The Paris Agreement carries an enormous amount of weight and credibility," she added.

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