Trump hits Carson on new book

Republican front-runner Donald Trump questioned the truthfulness of the tales in Ben Carson's latest book A More Perfect Union and, although Carson claims to have overcome his past of anger, Trump insinuated that the retired neurosurgeon still has a "pathological disease."

"I just don't know, I'm not involved," Trump, who sits at fourth in the Washington Examiner's presidential power rankings, responded when asked if he thought Carson was being honest in his book, during a phone interview with Jake Tapper on CNN Sunday morning.

In Carson's book, the top-polling GOP candidate speaks of an episode in his youth when he attempted to stab a friend in a fit of anger, and from that incident he found religion and learned to overcome his anger. Today Carson is known as of the most calm candidates on the campaign trail.

"He talks about having pathological disease, which is a serious statement, because when you say you have pathological disease because from what I understand you cant really cure it," Trump said. "I assume the book was written prior to his campaign."