President Trump ripped Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden during an exclusive interview on "Hannity" Thursday after the former vice president refused yet again to say whether he’d support efforts to add more seats to the Supreme Court.

Trump spoke out hours after Biden said during a campaign stop in Phoenix that he would reveal his position on court-packing “when the election is over.” 

“I think what he said was so disrespectful to the process and to the people,” Trump told host Sean Hannity. “But what that means, really, is that they’re going to do it, because obviously, that means 100 percent that’s what they’re going to do. They’re going to end the filibuster and they’re going to do things that you wouldn’t have thought.”

Republican lawmakers have vowed to confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court before the Nov. 3 election. Barrett was nominated to fill the seat vacated by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg following her death in September. Trump has warned that top Democrats would move to “pack” the court with progressive judges in order to prevent a conservative majority.


"If they ever got in, day one, this would be the first move they make, [to] end the filibuster -- the nuclear option, as they call it -- and they will do that," the president said. "Not a week will go by, probably not a day will go by."

Trump also reiterated that he was "not interested" in participating in a virtual debate with Biden as scheduled for Oct. 15 by the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD), telling Hannity: "I'm not Joe Biden, I'm not going to do a virtual debate behind a computer screen."

The president added that Biden, if victorious, “won’t be president for three months” before his running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., “takes over” control.

“She’s the most liberal person in the Senate. She’s not a socialist, she’s a step beyond socialism,” Trump added.

Trump returned to the White House Monday after his release from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. The president said he would be tested again for coronavirus on Friday and planned to return to the campaign trail by this weekend.


With early voting already underway, Trump repeated his frequent claim that the upcoming election would be one of “the most fraudulent” in history due to the prevalence of mail-in balloting.

"They're sending out millions and millions and millions of ballots," the president claimed. "Where are they sending them? Who's sending them? Where are they going? Where are they coming back from? How many are fraudulent? Are they being thrown away? Are they being sold? Are they being harvested? It's a terrible thing, Sean.

"Despite that, I think we're going to have a tremendous victory."