Trump, at Vegas rally, calls for border wall, urges voters to 'Keep America Great'

At a rally in Las Vegas on Thursday evening, President Trump blasted Democrats for obstructing his plans to build a wall at the U.S.-Mexico border and urged voters to go to the polls to push back against a Democratic "blue wave" in the midterm elections.

“They know we want the wall,” Trump told the raucous crowd at the Las Vegas Convention Center. “They want to oppose it. They want to obstruct it. They want to resist. You know their campaign. They want to resist.”

Trump was in town to stump for Nevada Republican Dean Heller, who is facing a midterm challenge for a U.S. Senate seat by Democratic U.S. Rep. Jacky Rosen.

He mocked Rosen, calling her "Wacky Jacky."

Heller, who once said he opposed Trump, has allied himself with the president after Trump persuaded Danny Tarkanian to drop out of the Senate race, the Associated Press reported.

Heller’s vote was instrumental in passing Trump’s tax-cut legislation in 2017, a senior adviser to Donald J. Trump for President Inc., said in a statement to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

President Trump speaks at a rally in the Las Vegas Convention Center, Sept. 20, 2018.

President Trump speaks at a rally in the Las Vegas Convention Center, Sept. 20, 2018. (Associated Press)

“Eighty percent of what this president has done has been very, very good, very positive,” Heller said Wednesday.

During his speech, Trump listed his accomplishments in office, including his tax cuts, job creation numbers and immigration policies, while criticizing opposition from Democrats and the media.

In addition, Trump said, “We are rebuilding our military. We are crushing the terrorists and we are taking care of our veterans.”

He urged the crowd to vote in order to keep the Republican majorities in both chambers of Congress.

“You better go out and vote,” Trump told onlookers. “We’re going to be changing that logo to ‘Keep America Great.’”

He also mocked former President Obama for campaigning for the Democrats running in the midterm elections.

"When I was running, I swear, I think he campaigned harder than Hillary Clinton," Mr. Trump said. Nonetheless, Trump won 306 electoral votes on Election Night, a number that he often touts.