As Democrats debated health care and foreign policy at the last Democratic presidential debate Tuesday before voting starts in Iowa next month, Tom Steyer’s red plaid tie was trending on social media.

"Here is the most important question the moderators are ignoring," senior writer at The Root Michael Harriot joked, “Why does Tom Steyer have only one tie?”

The issue seemed to unite the left and the right.

“Why does Tom Steyer wear a Christmas tie every debate?” conservative radio host Howie Carr tweeted.

Actor Nick Westrate, a Sen. Elizabeth Warren supporter, joked, “Steyer wears the same tie to lower his carbon footprint in order to offset his decades making billions from the sale of oil!”

“How is Tom Steyer so rich but only owns one tie?” another asked.

An Illinois reporter had an interesting take on the tie's entanglement in another big moment at the debate between Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.

Tuesday wasn’t the first time social media has poked fun at Steyer’s tie choice. In fact, the tie has multiple fan accounts on Twitter.

Steyer has been wearing tartan ties for years, according to The New York Times, telling The Washington Post in 2013 he wears Scottish ties every day because “You gotta dress up for a fight.”

Steyer also has a beaded belt he bought in Kenya that he likes to wear to remember to not be so formal.


Fellow Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang got similar notice in past debates for choosing to forego a tie all together in favor of a more casual look.