Scoresheet: State and Local Elections

About a dozen states held votes for office holders and ballot initiatives on Tuesday, and several key races could offer some glimpse into the nation's mood one year before the 2012 elections.

Fox News tracked the following races, and updates continue to come in.

Kentucky Governor

Democrat: Steven L. Beshear, Incumbent -- WINNER, 56 percent

Republican: State Sen. David L. Williams, 35 percent

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Independent: Gatewood Galbraith, 9 percent

Ohio Ballot Initiatives

Issue 2. Collective bargaining. Approves or rejects a new law passed by the Legislature that limits collective bargaining rights of public employees. -- LAW REJECTED, 61-39 percent

Issue 3. Health care. Prohibits the government from mandating that individuals or businesses participate in the federal health care law. -- MANDATE OPPOSED 

Mississippi Governor and Initiatives

Initiative 26: Should the term "person" be defined to include every human being from the moment of fertilization, cloning, or the equivalent thereof? -- DEFEATED, 58-42 percent

Initiative 27: Should the Mississippi Constitution be amended to require a person to submit government issued photo identification in order to vote? -- APPROVED, 62-38 percent

Initiative 31: Should government be prohibited from taking private property by eminent domain and then transferring it to other persons? -- APPROVED, 73-27 percent


Democrat: Hattiesburg Mayor Johnny L. DuPree, 39 percent

Republican: Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant -- WINNER, 61 percent

Mississippi Legislative Elections:

House of Representatives: 122. Current: 68 D, 54 R.

Results: 52 D, 52 R. Leading: 6 D, 11 R.

Senate: 52. Current: 24 D, 27 R, one vacant seat.

Results:  22 D, 28 R. Leading: 1 D, 1 R.

Virginia Legislative Elections

General Assembly Seats: 100. Current: 39 D, 59 R, 2 I.

Results: 32 D, 66 R, 1 I. Leading: 1 R.

Senate Seats: 40. Current: 22 D, 18 R.

Results: 20 D, 19 R. One race too close to call, Republican leading.

New Jersey Legislative Elections

General Assembly Seats: 80. Current 47 D, 33 R.

Final Results: 48 D, 32 R.

Senate Seats: 40. Current: 24 D, 16 R.

Final Results: 24 D, 16 R.

California San Francisco Mayoral Election

Edwin Lee, Incumbent -- Leading with 31 percent of vote

David Chiu

Jeff Adachi

Michela Alioto-Pier

Cesar Ascarrunz

John Avalos

Terry Baum

Paul Currier

Bevan Dufty

Tony Dufty

Dennis Herrera

Emil Lawrence

Wilma Pang

Joanna Rees

Phil Ting

Leland Yee