Sanders: Iran potential anti-ISIS ally, GOP 'fear-mongering'

Bernie Sanders denounced "cheap political talk" following the attacks by the Islamic State in Paris and criticized Republicans for refusing to accept Syrian refugees.

"As Americans we are appalled, we are disgusted by the attacks from the terrorist organization called ISIS," Sanders said early in his Cleveland, Ohio rally on Monday night. "In my view now is the time for developing a serious and effective strategy to destroy ISIS, now is not the time for cheap political talk or taking political advantage of this difficult moment."

The Vermont senator advocated an international coalition with Iran, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait and Turkey and warned that it would become increasingly difficult to form if "demagoguery and fear-mongering" get in the way, pointing a finger at the Republicans. He also asked the American people "not to turn our back on the refugees of Syria and Afghanistan."

"I have to tell you I am disturbed by what I'm hearing from some of my Republican colleagues," Sanders said. "We will not succumb to racism, we will not succumb to Islamaphobia."

After the terrorist attacks in Paris, many Republicans have called for stepped up military action against the Islamic State and for blocking refugees from entering the United States without stronger background checks.