RNC Ad Likens JetBlue Attendant to Democrats Visited by Obama

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Steven Slater may have thought for years about bailing from his flight attendant job via an airplane emergency slide, but the JetBlue attendant's turning thought into action this summer has inspired Republicans to have a little fun at President Obama's expense.

The Republican National Committee has offered up an amusing, if not mildly disturbing, ad that serves as a retrospective of some of the summer's biggest stories -- rising unemployment, President Obama's falling support and Slater, who has become 2010's Howard Beale.

Keying off the president's recent fundraising jaunt to Democratic districts in states where unemployment has risen since the stimulus bill passed, the RNC has decided to make light of emergency evacuation procedures -- using animation at least -- and even managed to revive 2004 presidential candidate Howard Dean's scream heard around the nation.