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JetBlue Flight Attendant Slater

JetBlue Flight Attendant Flips Out

Kimberly and Katherine Corp share their advice

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  1. Flight Attendant's Ex-Wife Not Surprised by Dramatic Exit

    Ex-wife not shocked by JetBlue worker's grand exit, but believes the passenger was really at fault

  2. Americans Angrier Than Ever

    The woman who went wild over McDonald's McNuggets is in good company

  3. Tips to Avoid Sky Rage

    How not to make flight attendants angry

  4. Flight Attendant Flips Out, Escapes on Inflatable Chute

    Attendant curses out passenger, makes escape out emergency inflatable chute

  5. Fox Flash: Riding a Funnel Cloud


  1. Flight Attendant's Hero Story a Hoax?

    JetBlue passengers call into question events leading up to Steven Slater's meltdown

  2. Anger Management

    In light of the incident with Steven Slater , how can you prevent this level of discontent from happening to you?

  3. Reality Show for Instant Icon?

    Report: Steven Slater gets reality TV show offer

  4. JetBlue Passenger Disputes Attendant's Story

    Steven Slater's version of events comes under question

  5. Flight Attendant Loses His Cool

    And leaves plane on emergency chute

  6. 'JetBlue Election' in November?

    Impact of disgruntled voters on midterm elections

  7. Plane Tires Ignite on California Runway

    JetBlue passenger describes scary landing, evacuation