Danny Diaz, a 39-year-old Republican Party operative known for his brash style and respected for his extensive campaign experience in a still nascent career, is expected to serve as presidential campaign manager for Jeb Bush, Fox News has learned.

Diaz, who has worked for every GOP presidential nominee since George W. Bush, will be in charge of the day-to-day management for the eventual campaign, while Iowan David Kochel will be named as senior strategist tasked with building a political operation focusing on the early states, according to Bush aides.

The former Florida governor is set to officially announce his Republican presidential campaign on June 15 in Miami.

Sally Bradshaw, Bush's longtime Florida adviser and former gubernatorial chief of staff who has been described by many in the Bush circle as his closest aide, will be senior adviser to the campaign and also take a hand-on role in campaign operations. At one point, the Bush team was considering calling Bradshaw the "CEO" of the campaign; she often has been called "Jeb's right hand."

"Jeb Bush is a leader who has a history of attracting top talent and pushing them beyond what they thought possible," Bradshaw said in a statement. "His campaign reflects that ethos, and he's assembled a team that is unmatched today."

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    Mike Murphy, who consulted prior GOP nominees John McCain and Mitt Romney, will head Bush's Right to Rise PAC.

    Tim Miller, a Bush spokesman who will be the official communications director for the campaign, said Bush is building a "talented, strategic campaign team that will ensure his message of restoring economic opportunity and mobility for more Americans is heard by voters across the country."