Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul’s 2016 campaign released a new app for smartphones this week, giving fans the the opportunity to shoot down other campaign logos in a video game and to take a virtual selfie with him – a function that quickly sparked mischief on social media.

The app -- free to download through Apple and Android stores -- allows users to donate to the campaign, view Paul’s campaign videos and sign up to volunteer.

But that’s not all.

The app also has a secret Easter Egg (find out how to access it at the bottom of this story) that allows you to play a bizarre version of 1970’s classic video game "Space Invaders" – but instead of shooting down aliens, you’ll be shooting down other Republicans' campaign logos.

It is hardly going to give "Angry Birds," "Hearthstone" or other popular mobile games a run for their money – but if you really don’t like Jeb Bush or Ted Cruz’s campaign logo, the game's a good time. If you lose, the app says “you have not defeated your inferiors!” and offers the chance to “assuage your guilt by making a donation to the campaign.”

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    Another feature of the app – the Photo Booth section, which allows users to take an artificial selfie with an overlay of Paul – was quickly picked up on the Twitterverse, but possibly not in the way the Paul campaign would have hoped.

    At least there’s Space Invaders …

    *** You can access the game by repeatedly tapping on the “Rand” logo at the top of the app. ***