President Obama is expected to address the nation relatively "soon" about Libya, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said Thursday. Carney wouldn't get into specifics about where and where, but just that he would definitely address the nation, and it will happen more than once.

Congressional leaders have been involved in meetings and calls with Obama about the military action, but many have called for more briefings - both to lawmakers and also the American people.

Presidents often will make formal address from the Oval Office in times of U.S. military action, and when asked if that would happen in this instance, Carney wouldn't go into format or forum, but also wouldn't rule anything out.

President Obama first spoke on the issue Friday afternoon before going on his Latin America trip for five days. He then made statements on the situation in various settings while on his trip.

"[I]t absolutely is important for the President to speak to the American public to inform them of what he's doing. He's done that on multiple occasions thus far and will continue to do that," Carney said.