President Obama Begins Vineyard "Worcation"

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You can take the president out of Washington, but you can't take Washington out of the presidency. On Martha's Vineyard Friday for his first day of his ten day vacation, President Obama received his national security briefing just like any other day at the White House. Assistant to the President for Counterterrorism John Brennan is on the island with the rest of the working White House.

While Mr. Obama may golf and enjoy some outings with his family on the ten day trip, he is still the president. "The President understands that he has important responsibilities to fill, and it's his job to fill those responsibilities 24 hours a day, 365 days a year," Principal Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest told reporters Thursday on the Air Force One flight leaving Washington, explaining, "At the same time, he's also a husband and a father, and I don't think that the American people begrudge the President spending a little time with his wife and daughters at the end of the summer before his daughters head back to school."

The White House Press Corp is also on stand by for any possible developments over the next week. The White House has no public events scheduled for the president, but Earnest is expected to give a few briefings on camera throughout the working vacation, with the first coming on Monday.