Fox News Political Analyst Karl Rove called out President Obama on his trip to Iowa today on Power Play Live with Chris Stirewalt.

"How stupid do they think we are? Just be honest, just admit it," said the George W. Bush White House Senior Adviser.

Rove was referring to Obama White House officials insisting that the President's trip to Iowa was in no way political. Mr. Obama has also visited fellow electoral swing states such as North Carolina, Virginia, Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania within the past month.

Chris also talked to Senator David Vitter about Obama Administration officials calling for the end of tax subsidies for petroleum companies. White House officials argue that with the huge profits big oil corporations are presently bringing in, extending industry tax breaks makes no sense.

Vitter says he agrees with "broad" tax reform such as closing loopholes, however the Louisiana Republican cautions, "just jacking up rates" will not pass congress.

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