Politically connected billionaire financier to campaign for politically connected multimillionaire candidate

Politically connected billionaire investor Warren Buffett has been unwavering in his support for millionaire presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, but this weekend Buffett pledged to go to greater lengths to get his fellow 1-percenter.

The Omaha World Herald reported over the weekend, "The Democratic presidential front-runner will be stumping in Omaha on Dec. 16, with the help of famed Omaha investor Warren Buffett."

This is no surprise. Buffett, eight years ago, held fundraisers for Barack Obama while Obama was supporting the bailout on which Buffett was betting in his investments in Goldman Sachs and Bank of America.

This time around Buffett already endorsed Hillary, and given big to her campaign through many avenues. Between his gift to the DNC, Hillary's campaign, and her SuperPAC, he's given more than $60,000 to elect her president.

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