Pawlenty to Take His Economic Vision to President Obama's Hometown

Republican presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty will lay out his plan to "promote economic growth and control spending" on Tuesday morning in Chicago.

A news release setting the exact time and location is expected shortly.

A Pawlenty aide says, "the governor's speech will offer a specific plan for boosting the economy and creating jobs. His speech will include a plan to balance the Federal budget, overhaul the Federal tax code, reduce regulation and increase American innovation and investment (in) jobs."

Earlier Friday, Pawlenty called the news that the unemployment rate is now 9.1 percent "underwhelming."

The president himself noted at a Chrysler plant in Toledo, Ohio, "There are always going to be bumps on the road to recovery, we're going to pass through some rough terrain."

But President Obama also reminded the audience, made up largely of Chrysler workers, that his administration's efforts to bail-out Chrysler and General Motors saved jobs and much of the American auto industry.

With the economy center stage in the GOP nomination contest, Pawlenty's choice of Chicago, President Obama's hometown and re-election campaign headquarters, suggests the former Minnesota governor is set to draw perhaps strong distinctions between his ideas and the actions of the Obama administration.