Paul claims he 'doesn't know much' about Black Lives Matter

strong>SPARTANBURG, S.C. – Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, a leading proponent of criminal justice reform, refused to answer questions Friday about the Black Lives Matter movement despite its overwhelming involvement in current conversations about the intersection of race and the criminal justice system.

The Republican presidential hopeful flatly rejected a question from the Washington Examiner Friday about a recent Huffington Post headline that claimed he is open to participating in a "Black Lives Matter town hall."

"Do you know if that's what I said?" Paul interjected. "I know the headline said that, but I thought he asked me if I'd be interested in a forum about black issues."

Indeed, Huffington Post got it wrong. NewsOne Now asked Paul recently if he thought the GOP field should participate in "a Republican forum that specifically speaks to issues of African Americans" without any mention of Black Lives Matter.