Texas Rep. Ron Paul says he doesn't need "party bigwigs" to raise the kind of money needed for a successful 2012 presidential bid and instead relied on everyday supporters to raise just over $1 million dollars Sunday.

The email language used to encourage Paul's fans to donate to his "money bomb" suggests he has no qualms with taking on the perceived top-dog, Mitt Romney. "The Romney campaign thinks no one else can touch their accomplishment. But honestly, I don't need ten million... After all, I don't have to defend a liberal record as governor of Massachusetts."

Last month Romney used a legion of supporters working phone banks to raise more than $10 million in one day in Las Vegas.

On his website, Paul characterized the money bomb as "The Revolution versus RomneyCare."

The Paul campaign set a goal of raising $2 million in Sunday's online drive. They got more than halfway there with $1.1 million. That's in addition to the million the campaign raised in another money bomb last month.

Only time will tell whether money and fervent supporters translate into votes.

Paul heads to New Hampshire to campaign later this week. He'll be in Iowa next Monday, just prior to the June 13 Republican presidential debate there.