On campaign trail, the question: Where's Marco?

During a recent town hall in Derry, New Hampshire, a voter asked Sen. Marco Rubio about the large number of Senate votes Rubio has missed in recent months. "I just wanted to know what your reason for that is," the voter said.

"I'm running for president," Rubio answered. "I'm here in New Hampshire talking to you."

Rubio has taken some flak -- most notably, from Donald Trump -- for not showing up for votes. He's missed most of October's votes so far. From April to June of this year, he missed about one-third of the votes, and from July to September, he missed a little over half the votes. That's not good, even by Senate terms.

The striking thing, though, is that while Rubio is not in Washington, he is also not on the campaign trail in the early states of Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina, at least as much as many of his Republican rivals. Based on a number of publicly-available trackers that keep a record of each candidate's visit to each state, Rubio is 13th out of 15 GOP candidates in the number of days, or parts of days, that he has spent in the early voting states. He's spent fewer days even than some candidates who dropped out weeks ago.

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