Obama Campaign Preps for Intensified Round Two

Thursday marks round two of the debates and the Obama campaign is betting that this time their guy will not be a shrinking violet.

Vice President Joe Biden, by his own admission, is not known for his demure demeanor and the Obama camp is already setting expectations for a battle over the truth.

"It's an open question as to whether Congressman [Paul] Ryan will lay out anything that withstands the scrutiny of the fact-checkers," Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) says in a newly-released web video of Biden's opponent.

While President Obama was widely criticized for his low-key performance at the first debate, his campaign has since tried to paint Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney's as riddled with inaccuracies.

Obama Campaign Senior Advisor Robert Gibbs implied there will be a new approach Thursday at the vice presidential match-up.

In an interview with the Today Show Wednesday, Gibbs said Mr. Biden "is gonna have to be on his toes because my guess is you're gonna see what Mitt Romney tried to do, which is Paul Ryan, Congressman Ryan, walk away from the positions that he's held during this campaign and try to give a much, much different and softer image for the American people."

The expectation that viewers will see a change in tactics is given more heft by the Obama campaign's efforts to gin up viewership. "The vice presidential debate is on Thursday night-tune in and show your support for @JoeBiden!" reads a tweet under Michelle Obama's name.

Van Hollen, who plays Paul Ryan in the vice president's mock debates, also urged people to watch. Having served with him in Congress, Van Hollen warns of Ryan's "uncompromising and extreme vision for this country."

The vice president has been practicing all week back home in Delaware; doing three mock debate sessions daily. Break times include dinner with family and snacking on M&Ms and animal crackers.