Paul Ryan

  1. Debt Education

    Before the GOP unveils its budget plan, Rep . Paul Ryan wants to educate public, new lawmakers about the debt

  2. Rising Star

    'Right Now': Is Rep . Paul Ryan becoming new face of GOP?

  3. Primetime Lineup

    Tuesday, Starting at 9p ET: Congressman Paul Ryan breaks down the GOP’s budget plan to kick off a powerful primetime lineup!

  4. Dissecting Obama's State of Union

    All-Star panel rates Pres. Obama's second State of the Union Address

  5. On the Record

    Thursday, 10p ET: Senator Paul Ryan lashes out on Obama's 2012 plan and reveals what should be done for America's economy!

  6. GOP vs. Obamacare

    All-Star panel on Republican efforts to de-fund health care overhaul

  7. How Did Rep. Ryan Do?

    Gov. Bob McDonnell rates GOP response to State of the Union

  8. Libya According to Newt

    Gingrich attempts to clarify stance on Libya, calls Obama's strategy confused

  9. 111th Congress Most Expensive in History

    Congress accumulates more debt than first 100 Congresses combined

  10. This Week On Fox News Sunday: 04/03/11

    Congressman Paul Ryan

  11. What Should Obama Say?

    Panelists weigh in with their thoughts on what President Obama should say in this year's State Of The Union address

  12. Obama's Budget 'Debt' on Arrival?

    Sen. Robert Portman weighs in

  1. Uncut: Rep . Paul Ryan 'On the Record'

    Chairman of House Budget Committee takes on Wisconsin union protests, cutting government spending and Obama's 'disappointing' budget plan

  2. Republican Response to State of the Union

    Rep . Paul Ryan stresses need to 'restrain federal spending'

  3. Treasury Secretary Confronted Over Obama's Budget

    Rep . Paul Ryan challenges Tim Geithner on his math

  4. A Man with a Plan!

    Rep . Paul Ryan on the economy!

  5. Years of Empty Promises

    Rep . Paul Ryan on how both the GOP, Democrats are responsible for the massive national debt, warns drastic measures could be needed in the future

  6. Sneak Peek of GOP Budget Plan?

    Rep . Paul Ryan gives a glimpse of the Republican budget plan, but is a government shutdown still coming?

  7. Trying to Avoid a Greek Tragedy

    Rep . Paul Ryan on how U.S. can avoid a debt crisis like Greece

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