Montana: Attack mailers start to appear in contested GOP races

Mailers attacking Republican candidates in contested legislative primaries are starting to appear in voters' mailboxes before the June 3 election.

Laurel-based Montana Family Foundation and Billings-based Conservative Majority Political Action Committee have sent out oversized campaign postcards against incumbent Republicans in at least five House districts.

One mailer blasts Rep. Jeff Wellborn of Dillon for voting to spend taxpayer money "like a drunken sailor."  Another targets Rep. Rob cook of Conrad over his vote on parental consent to teach sex-education to children.

Cook says the Montana Family Foundation has a history of "unsavory election behavior."

Wellborn says a candidate must address an attack or the silence becomes deafening.

Conservative Majority PAC is a new organization that must file a report with the state by Thursday identifying its fundraising and spending.